3 Everyday Places to Get Work Done on Your Side Hustles and Make More Money


Money is freedom. My dream is to make enough money from my internet businesses to buy some land, build a house and start a small homestead/ farm.

But this requires a lot of money.

I’m a 25 year old single male. I often don’t get as much done during the day as I would like. Most days, it feels like I don’t have enough time. (I can’t imagine having children to deal with as well).

Ore maybe I actually have too much time. Sometimes, the busier I am the more I get done because I don’t spend as much time procrastinating by watching Youtube videos.

I’m going back to school in the fall to finish my civil engineering degree. So I’ll be forced to be more productive between school, internet business, and my part time job. Then I’ll be able to see if I have too little or an over abundance of time.

You’re also busy with your job and your life, but maybe you want to start making money online. If so, here are 3 everyday spots you can get some work done.

  1. Your Job

    Health Food Store

I work part time at a health food store. It’s the most relaxed job ever, so I usually list some items on eBay during work. Before work I take pictures of my items with my phone, and then I record all the measurements in a notebook (I cross things off after I list them):

I aim to list at least 10 things while I’m at work. Listing on eBay can be done from anywhere, so your lunch break or a slow time of day at your job can be used to list a few things. Even with a few things, can you make $50 or more.

An even quicker thing you can do is upload t shirt designs to Amazon Merch. In fact, I just discovered I got my second sale!

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 5.33.10 PM.png

When I’m doing it on my laptop I use Photoshop to make the designs. And when I’m designing t shirts on my phone I use a free app called Over:

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 5.33.49 PM.png

All you need to do is set the background to transparent, and then set the pixels to 4500×5400 on the app. This is the size your design needs to be. After that you can add text and images.

Like I said above, I’ve only had two sales on Amazon Merch out of the dozens of designs I’ve uploaded. So I don’t have any good advice for you (yet).

   2. The Gym

I don’t recommend writing in small time chunks because it’s hard to get in the flow in a short amount of time. I like to have at least an hour to sit down, plan, and then write 1000 words.

But I often ride the bike at the gym for 20-40 minutes to warmup. At the same time, I get some erotica writing done on my phone using Google Docs. This amount of time isn’t ideal, but it feels good to write while my blood is pumping.

I put my headphones in to drown out the annoying gym music, keep my phone low, and try to write a couple hundreds words. And sometimes, all I do is plan a story or a post that I write later that night.

Today I was feeling depressed before work, so I forced myself to go to the gym. I rode the bike for 35 minutes and got about 400+ words written.

I’ve also written on the treadmill, the stair master, and the elliptical. Anything that doesn’t require your hands at the gym is a good place to get some writing done.

Another good exercise is to put 250 pounds on the bar and do squats. On each set, when you drop down, you write a paragraph, and then stand up. I’m just kidding please don’t do this.

3. On Your Commute

Whether you take public transportation or drive, both present opportunities to make money.

If you’re on a bus, train or subway, you can list things on eBay, upload designs to Merch, or get some writing done. Reading is another productive way to use your time.

If you’re driving on your way home from work you could stop at a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Savers (they’re usually open until 8 or 9 so you would have plenty of time after work). You could spend a couple hours or less scanning books, and make hundreds of dollars in your spare time.

That’s what I’m going to do tonight after I get off work:

The bluetooth scanner and phone I use to find profitable books

I learned everything about selling books on Amazon with this course (affiliate). 

Small Steps

A lot of times I beat myself up when I don’t think I’ve been productive enough that day. But, this mental habit is a complete waste of mental energy and resources.

It’s easy to disregard the effect of small steps- You probably won’t get more than a few hundreds words written at the gym, so why even do it? There are already thousands and thousands of designs on Amazon Merch, so why bother to upload another one?

But, small steps is the only way to get big results out of your internet business. You can’t write 1000 words a day without the first 10 word sentence.

And string together enough of these sentences, and you’ll eventually have enough written to publish a story on Amazon Kindle. And that’s where things get fun (and profitable):

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 5.11.22 PM.png

Start to look for small (15-30 minute) time blocks that you can use to work on your businesses. Over time, these small time blocks will help you build a giant empire. Don’t underestimate the effects of small steps- They’re the only way to make massive strides.


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