Are Youtube ads About Making Money Online Legit or a Scam?

Million Dollar Ideas?

The new American dream is to be location independent and to make money online!

Unfortunately, these things aren’t easy to do. Sure, you can move to Thailand and live off the $500 a month you’re making from freelance writing. But I like America.. I want to stay here.

I also like to listen to music when I’m working. I’m old fashioned and still get all my music off Youtube. And because of my searches, Google must’ve figured out that I’m into online business.

Now, every ad on my Youtube account involves some millennial talking about how they started their online business 6 months ago, and they’re already making $50,000 per month!

Lately, the new marketing fad seems to be doing Wholesale through Amazon. Next time you see an ad about online business see if the person says- “How would you like to make money off something you never have to see, touch, or ship?!” 

What they’re talking about may sound like magic, but it’s a simple process:

You order hundreds to thousands of something cheap and easy to make like keychains or earbuds, using a wholesale website like Alibaba.

It’s true you’ll never have to touch or deal with the inventory because then you’ll pay for a Prep Company. 

This is basically a company that’ll get your order from Alibaba, and then process all of your inventory so it’s ready to send it to Amazon. Then they’ll ship it all to an Amazon warehouse

With Amazon’s awesome FBA service, the warehouse will hold and ship out all your inventory, and deal with all returns.

The risk