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Depression/ Anxiety, psychology/ mindset / 05.12.2019

Modern Life, Ancient Software   Humans adapt unbelievably quickly to different ways of life, climate, diet, etc. How else would we have spread across the whole globe and sustain life on every continent? But modern life has evolved even quicker than us and has taken on a life of its own. Technology keeps building on itself. Would anyone have predicted the rise of the internet, personal data, and artificial intelligence in the 1950's? The landscape of the entire world has changed several times since the 1950's- nations have risen and fallen, presidents...

Depression/ Anxiety, psychology/ mindset / 14.11.2019

Are You Crazy?   Mental health problems can be perceived as weakness. You can't see them, and in our materialistic culture, only something we can see is real. To make matters more complicated, it's hard to empathize with people about their suffering. I've dealt with OCD/ anxiety and depression my entire life. But, when someone tells me they also dealt with something similar, I automatically think they're not doing enough work for their mental health. And even though a shaky mood and intense anxiety have been close companion, I'm still hesitant to say I've...