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The Rest, trade secrets / 01.08.2019

It was around midnight on Monday night. I was browsing Youtube, and finally forced myself to sit down and write 1000 words. I'd been wasting time on the internet and didn't get much of anything done all day, so I was determined to now sit down and write. I repositioned my MacBook Pro to start writing, but right then I heard a bang. My laptop was blocking my view of what fell, so I closed the screen halfway to get a look. I'd knocked my glass of water over. At first...

The Rest / 03.07.2019

I currently work part time at a health food store in my hometown. I've worked here for about 2.5 years. I got this job a few weeks after I left college, and have had it ever since. Although it's an unskilled minimum wage job, it's been a fun job to have while I'm living at home. I work on my online ventures while I'm at work. Sometimes I list on eBay. Sometimes I plan blog posts, and sometimes I upload t-shirt designs to Amazon Merch. Also, I get a lot of...