Do This First if You Spill Water on Your MacBook

It was around midnight on Monday night. I was browsing Youtube, and finally forced myself to sit down and write 1000 words. I’d been wasting time on the internet and didn’t get much of anything done all day, so I was determined to now sit down and write.

I repositioned my MacBook Pro to start writing, but right then I heard a bang. My laptop was blocking my view of what fell, so I closed the screen halfway to get a look.

I’d knocked my glass of water over. At first I didn’t have an emotional reaction. It’s just water who cares.

But, one second later, I remembered my MacBook was right in front of the glass!

My heart dropped as I looked down at my laptop and discovered it sitting in a puddle of water with a black screen!

I hit the power button 10 times (which I later learned you’re not supposed to do) in a desperate attempt to see if my Mac was still working. But there was no response and the screen stayed black.

After sitting there in disbelief for a couple minutes, I went over my parents desktop to consult the internet on what I should do now.

The advice: open the laptop, flip it upside down on a pillow and leave it in front of the fan for a day, kept coming up.


I turned the laptop a few times to get all the angles


Some people said this was enough to get all the water out, and that their computer worked again after.

This sounded too easy to be true.

Also, I read that pressing the power button after water damage can short-circuit the motherboard or something, so I was sure my laptop was screwed because I’d pressed it at least 15 times.

In the past I would have beaten myself up with my internal dialogue, but I told myself to stay calm and take it step by step.

So I decided I would try this idea first. I didn’t think it would work, but it would at least give me a day to have hope as it sat in front of the fan.

So Monday night around midnight,I put my laptop upside down on a pillow in front of a fan. I kept it like this until this (Wednesday) morning.

This morning I took a deep breath and hit the power button to test it.

To my amazement, my Mac is working perfectly!


I’m typing on it right now for this post.

All in all, I feel really lucky that I still have a working laptop.

Though my biggest concern wasn’t even losing the laptop, it was losing all of my passwords.

Like most of you, I save all my passwords on my Mac. Between my credit card and debit card, all the different softwares I use to sell on Amazon FBA, and all my other passwords, I can’t remember most of them.

The main thing I learned from almost destroying my Mac was I need to have other ways to know passwords and I should backup my data. I know doing this would save me from a lot of stress, but only time will tell if I actually do something about it.

One things’s for sure- I’m going to be really careful about having open containers around my MacBook.

You may not be so lucky as I’ve been in that drying out your MacBook is all that it’ll take to save it from water damage. But, it’s worth a shot before you take it apart or pay someone to check it out for you.


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