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How to, psychology/ mindset / 24.07.2019

Self Help & Success Like a lot of people interested in self-development, I've read a lot of self-help classics. From popular books like Awaken the Giant Within, Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and The Magic of Thinking Big, to more obscure titles, I've read dozens of them. Some of these books had a few helpful tips, but when it came to an actual process to get started to change our lives and be successful, most of the books failed to give much of...

Kindle, Writing / 14.07.2019

Creation and Coffee Like most Americans, I like to start my morning with a cup of coffee (and a couple supplements).  I usually make coffee at home with some milk and cinnamon (stabilizes blood sugar to prevent caffeine crashes). A lot of times I go to Starbucks to get coffee.  In fact, when I’m not working on eBay or Amazon stuff, you’ll probably find me at Starbucks writing.  I feel like a stereotypical millenial for writing on my Mac laptop at Starbucks. But there’s a reason this cliche exists- it's a nice place...

psychology/ mindset, Self-publishing / 09.07.2019

Dealing with depression as a kid and teenager is confusing. All throughout elementary school and during high school I thought I was going crazy. In reality, I was dealing with crippling OCD and depression. Outside of Adderall for kids in the school system who deal with low energy, low mood, and brain fog, there's wasn't much talk about mental health in my school. [caption id="attachment_31" align="alignnone" width="450"] Here you go kids![/caption] Thankfully, as I've gotten older I've discovered tons of different areas of research in the mental health field. And although depression...

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