How to Delude Yourself into Success with Making Money Online!

Delusion as Fuel


Like gasoline for cars, we can use self-delusional to drive ourselves.

I’ve been using delusion as fuel for a few years and have noticed it slowly improving my life.

I’ve also used this mindset to help and change my negative, depressed view on into a more positive, hopeful one.

It’s easy to end up like the guy on the bottom of the picture. A few inches away from success and riches, but then quitting right at the cusp of glory.

My delusional mindset about internet business will ensure that I eventually reach the diamonds:

As long as I keep trying things and telling myself I’m getting closer to the diamonds, then I am.


Basically I ripped of Henry Ford’s famous quote: If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

But I think the analogy to diamonds is especially helpful to making money on the internet. This delusional belief that we’ll eventually hit success can be the never-ending source of fuel to keep us going.


Stone is Hard


The self-delusional success mindset can also keep you humble.

I’ve experimented with blogging on and off for the past three years. I appreciate the few people that read this blog, and I want to keep trying new things, gain new readers, and develop a bigger audience.

My problem is that I get inspired and motivated to develop a website for a few months, but then my enthusiasm goes down when I remember how much of a grind it can be to continually write and work on it.

Even though I’m currently not very good at developing successful and profitable websites, I’ve still sold over $100,000 of used things on eBay and Amazon.

The more I learn and experiment with internet business through pursuits like self-publishing, the more I realize what a drop in the bucket my relative success is.

Now that I’ve sold a couple thousand things on eBay, I realize that there are a lot people who’ve made millions and millions of dollars more than me online.

An 8 year old made tens of millions of dollars on Youtube by reviewing toys, and I bet he’s never even grinded through writing a blog post or a Kindle ebook.

But if I can stay motivated and continue to create decent content, hopefully, eventually I’ll be able to make a fraction of what this young Youtuber profited this year.

What if the Diamonds Never Come?


I bet some massive companies have spent millions of dollars exploiting Africans in Sierra Leone to mine for diamonds, and then found none.


This mining project was really expensive


This is a huge risk for diamond mining. Thankfully, we’re not in the business of diamond mining. We’re in the e-commerce business, and there’s a lot less risk.

Unless you’re trying to create a private label product line or breaking into the wholesale market, there’s little to no upfront costs with most ventures on the internet.

Self-publishing on Kindle (besides getting Photoshop for covers), designing t-shirts, and selling things on eBay are all free.

Some pursuits like selling successfully on Amazon, or starting a website could cost you about $100, but can result in thousands and thousands of dollars of profit.

So it’s true that this site might never grow to the size that I’d like it to, or ever make any money from it.

But if I keep learning from my success and failures online, and keep chiseling through the stone, then it’s just a matter of time before one of my projects hits some diamonds.

At least, this is the delusional mindset that I’m going to continue to use to achieve riches on the internet.


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