How to Make Hundreds of Dollars a Month Selling Tape Players and Other Outdated Electronics (Part 4- Top 5 Easiest Things to sell on eBay)

I run most of my eBay business with my iPhone 5.

Having a smartphone makes humans god like- with a quick Internet search we can unlock every bit of information ever discovered by humans.

On our smartphones we take pictures, make phone calls, listen to music, browse the Internet, send emails and a thousand other things that I don’t know how to do. And all of these amazing functions are from a little block of metal and glass that we almost always have in our pockets!

Because of the exponentially increasing rate of technology and computing power I was surprised to learn that people will spend upwards of $75 dollars for something as outdated as a cassette player Walkman or a simple radio. Speaking of which, this is one that I sold earlier this month:



People must use them to walk, or it’s hip to wear retro Walkmans, but there’s a reason because people buy them on eBay. I’m not sure what the reason is, but it’s definitely there. And it’s not our job to question the market. It’s more profitable to provide the goods.

How to find Profitable Electronics

Finding profitable electronics is a lot easier and has a much smaller learning curve than learning how to find sterling and other precious metals, or learning the different clothing brands that sell well. Although it’s good to learn about a broad range of categories like clothing, and toys because with this knowledge you’ll know which things are profitable, it’s best to start with selling old electronics that are common at thrift stores.

Chances are you already know a lot of different electronic brands. That’s good because  popular and well known brands like Sony, Panasonic, RCA, Toshiba and Apple made a lot of the profitable old electronics.

Older electronics usually have big knobs on the front and really square looking buttons. Because the technology wasn’t as good even as recently as 10 years ago, most older profitable electronics bulky and kind of ugly.

5 Types of Vintage Electronics to be on the Lookout For

  1. Tape players and Walkmans

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.22.46 PM
Not too much money, but I bought it for $1.

Whenever I sell a tape player/radio or walkman, I imagine an old lady buying it for exercise class or for walks in the early morning. It’s nice to be able to save these old electronics from the landfills and make money selling them to the elderly who want them.

It’s a good idea to lookup every walkman that you come across since most of them will get you at least a $10 profit, and some can sell for more then $50!

     2. VHS tapes

VHS tapes are technically media, but they’re as outdated as most electronics on the list, and some are profitable. The vast majority of VHS tapes are worthless. The most profitable one that I found was a sealed Star Wars Trilogy boxset of 3 VHS tapes that I bought for $3. It sold it on Amazon for $40 2 months later  (about a $25 profit after fees and the $3 cost).

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.37.02 PM.png

New classic movies like Star Wars sell well on VHS tapes. Some open tapes will sell well, but being opened really hurts their value.

The other genre of VHS tapes that I’ve sold are B-list cult classic, horror movies. I’ve only found 3 or 4 profitable tapes in the last year, but it’s fun and exciting when I do find one. Be on the lookout for weird titles and artwork on the dust jacket.

This is one I currently have listed for $20. It has one watcher and will probably sell within the year.

A Year?!” You may be thinking to yourself. Yes a year. VHS tapes are slow sellers.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.48.15 PM.png

I know that there are other profitable VHS tape genres like WWE classic pro wrestling, and superheroes but I’m not knowledgable about them.. If you know other profitable VHS genres (or any other types of older electronics) then let us know in the comments below!

   3. CD players

CD players are another obsolete electronic that people still buy. Here’s one that’ll eventually sell for more than $30!

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.59.38 PM.png

   4. Old Radios

Old radios are the easiest electronic to spot (although it’s important to check the radio because some may be newer remakes). The big chrome speakers, the long antenna, and the boxy shape make vintage radios easy to spot. Here are two that I sold recently:

   5. Apple Products

Apple has become a household name, so people collect Apple products and will pay a lot for old models. Look on eBay and you’ll find first 10GB First Generation iPod Classics selling for $100! People aren’t paying for the storage for a 10GB music holder when our phones can hold more.


How to sell electronics successfully on eBay

(If you’re not sure how to price your items then be sure to look at this post)

Selling electronics is profitable, but they do take a bit more time to list than something like a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. Electronics need to be tested which includes testing all the different buttons and dials to make sure they work. I’ve neglected testing all of the buttons and have had to give partial refunds to customers who buy the electronic and then find a broken button or dial.

The nice thing about selling all electronics is that the description can be really short. Mine go something like this:

This [radio, CD player, etc] works perfectly. It’s fully tested and working including all of the buttons and dials. Smoke free home.

If there are any flaws like broken buttons or cracks in the plastic you want to point them out in the description and take a picture of them. Damaged electronics can still sell for good money.

After I list the electronic I put it on one of my storage shelves, and it eventually sells (assuming it’s in demand).

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last part of this five part series about the top 5 easiest things to sell on ebay!

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