How to Not be a Townie While You’re Living in Your Hometown

What is a Townie?

Being a local is a badge of honor- you know where the cool coffee shops are, you have a feel for the local culture, and you wear skinny jeans.

This guy is a local

But, being a townie is not something to strive for. At least in New England, we use the term townie to make fun of people who never left their hometowns.

The stereotypical version of it is someone you can find most nights of the week at the local bar drinking cheap beer, chain-smoking cigarettes, and talking about the good old days of high school, and how the world sucks now.

This guy is probably a townie. Or he’s homeless…

I’ve always been scared of developing into a boring, complacent person. And living in your hometown makes it even easier to do that.

Now, at the ripe age of 25, I’m now living back at my parents house in my hometown, while I finish my civil engineering degree at a local state school. I’ll probably be living here for the next 18 months..

It’s hard not to fall into the old depressive mindset when you’re sleeping in the same bedroom you’ve slept in for 20 years- most of which was spent in the haze of anxiety and depression.

But, I want to enjoy my life and not waste my time in negative self-loathing and depression, so here are some things I’m keeping in mind to stay motivated as I’m living at home.

The Thin Line

We all have qualms about where we grew up.

If you had less than an ideal high school experience (and who had one of those?), then your time in high school probably left a shadow that darkens all of your experiences from your hometown.

As much as I’m making fun of townies in this post, the truth is we all have the seeds to become one. I’ve been a townie in certain points in my life- bitter, angry, raging about how boring my town is, etc.

But, this mindset doesn’t help me with anything. All it does it drain my energy, make me more depressed, and lead to a lot of internal rage.

So here’s how I’m going to stay motivated and positive while I live at home.

How to Not be a Townie

I don’t think it’s bad to stay one one town or region for the rest of your life.

The term townie is mainly talking about a mindset of a person who has lived into one place forever and who has fallen into cynicism- the perpetual looking back at the good ol’ days, along with an irrational fear and bitterness toward the future.

Why can’t we go back to the good ol’ days of World War 2?

To avoid becoming a townie is a simple process. All you need to do is better yourself.

I’ve found that meditation, exercise and reading are all cheap, easy ways that anyone can do to improve our mood, increase self-confidence and self-compassion, and become a more interesting person.

I might be ragging on hometowns, but I realize I’m very lucky to be able to live rent free at my parent’s house while I finish college.

So, everyday I’m going to wake up and make the most of it by working on my online businesses, improving my pyschology, reading new books, and writing everyday.

Becoming a townie is mostly about the self-defeating mindset, so if I can take one small step toward self-betterment each day, then I’ve done my part in not becoming a cynical, bitter, overweight person.



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