Is Amazon Kindle worth it?

Why you should Publish on Kindle

Besides my eBay, and Amazon accounts, I’m focusing on publishing ebooks with Amazon Kindle.

I’ve been writing erotica stories that are between 3500 and 6000 words. Because they’re short I’ve been publishing 2 stories a week (I only published 1 story this week, unfortunately).

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.18.17 PM
I’m halfway done with the other one

I price all my stories at $2.99, I and get to keep 70% of this- that’s a little less than $2.10 per sale. Amazon gets the last 30%.

Let’s be real, $2.10 isn’t a lot of money. So is it even worth writing these stories, designing the covers, and doing all the editing for just $2.00 per sale?

Most of this post was written in Starbucks. The medium coffee I bought there cost me $2.07.

I’ve sold 4 ebooks today:


So one book paid for my coffee.

And these small $2 sales add up.

Just ask Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks:

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.06.14 PM
A billionaire made by the $2 cup

5 More Benefits of Publishing on Kindle


Although reselling on eBay and Amazon is profitable, there’ve been a lot of obstacles in ramping up my business.

For one, you have to deal with physical inventory.

Thankfully, by using the Amazon FBA program I have the Amazon warehouses hold all my inventory. But I still have to deal with my 1000 items on eBay.

Then there’s dealing with the inevitable customer return and complaint. My return rate on eBay is less than 3%, but it still sucks dealing with the occasional return and refund.

Plus there’s the shipping costs.

My shipping costs are low because I get most of my shipping supplies for free. But this means I hoard materials until I need them:


These are just some of the difficulties in building a large-scale reselling business.

Kindle is nice because you can bypass most of these things.

  1. An ebook is digital so there’s no storing or shipping inventory,
  2. There are no returns or refunds,
  3. One book can have multiple sales, unlike a physical product,
  4. Your reviews don’t matter because it’s anonymous (publish under a pen name)
  5. You can work from anywhere

I love reselling. It’s still a treasure hunt when I go to a Goodwill, thrift store, or yard sale to look for clothing, outdated electronics, and even printer ink to resell.

But the more I get into releasing digital products like Kindle, the more I realize the huge benefits of  them.

And publishing on Kindle is the cheapest and most straightforward way to start making money in the digital space.

Internet Business is an Art

Creating art, whether it’s painting, writing, sculpting, drawing, making music, etc. is good for the human heart and mind.

But, there’s always resistance when you’re trying to make something creative. (The Art of War is a good book on resistance) 

Your mind will tell you that you don’t feel like writing, that the small sales aren’t worth the effort, that no-one will buy your writing, that you’re out of ideas, that you can’t make your own covers, and thousands of more things to try and squash your progress and motivation.

The best way to deal with these self-defeating thoughts is to fully accept them, and then keep working, regardless of what your mind is telling you.

Your mind is just trying to keep you safe. Creating anything, even if it’s just a 4000 word erotica, is threatening to our psyches because it’s painful.

But like working out, it gets easier the more you do it.

The first few weeks of forcing myself to write 1000 words felt like being in school again- I  wanted to get up from my desk, but forced myself to sit there.

Now I look forward to writing. And passing $100 in profit motivates me to keep writing.




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  1. I don’t write erotica, and advice that is spot on for other fiction might not work for that genre. Generally speaking, though, short stories are much harder to sell than longer ones. Would it be worth the experiment to write a novella and put it at a higher price to determine if it results in higher overall profits?

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