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How to, tools for ebay, trade secrets / 20.05.2019

What is COGs? Cost of Goods Sold is exactly what it sounds like. It's the cost of your inventory that has sold.  You need to know this so you can figure out your net profit, and for tax reasons. When I first started reselling I would manually keep track of what I bought each item for, how long it took to sell, how much it sold for and how much it cost to ship. I liked to know my exact profit and total expenses for each item sold- that's why I would...

tools for ebay / 07.10.2018

Automatic Business Accounting for Resellers For the first few years that I sold on ebay I manually kept track of my all of my expenses. When I bought things at Goodwill I would take them home, and record all of the prices in an Excel Spreadsheet. When they sold I would have to type in a few columns like the selling price (including shipping),  the shipping cost, and then another column for final profit! Entering this financial data into my computer took me hours each week. I didn’t know...