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Books, psychology/ mindset / 08.08.2019

The Self Help Diet A couple years ago I got obsessed with my diet and kept a log of everything I ate. I was obsessed with healing depression and anxiety through food. During this 4 month period I read a lot of books about diet and health. It seemed like everyone and their grandmother wrote a book about a diet and came up with a name for it. The South Beach Diet, The Atkins diet, The Primal Diet, The BulletProof Diet, The Wild Diet, The Mindful Diet, Gluten-Free Diet, Raw Vegan...

Books, psychology/ mindset, Writing / 05.08.2019

Reading to Succeed Online At first, making money online seems like an impossible task. For example, over the course of two years (December 2017-December 2019) I self-published 17 ebooks on Kindle. All in all, these first 17 books made me less than $100! All the ebooks I've published are at least 3000 words, so that means I wrote 60,000 words for pennies. After a lot of trial and error I'm finally starting to make at least $200/ month from Kindle, but it was discouraging to only be making a buck or...