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tools for ebay, trade secrets / 10.05.2019

Shipping Q's Shipping can be confusing to a lot of new ebay sellers. People usually have a lot of questions like- How should I package my items? Which option to use? Where can I get boxes? Do I need to buy insurance for the packages? How do I buy labels? Though the shipping process can be overwhelming at first, eBay does a good job at simplifying it. You can buy and print the labels directly from ebay, and you will also get a small discount from the USPS (United...

How to, trade secrets / 11.03.2019

How I lost a $200 camera lens Before I knew the shipping insurance rules, needlessly wasted hundreds of dollars in items damaged or lost during shipping. I love selling camera lenses because they're high margin items. Last year, I spent $90 at my local Goodwill on a Canon camera lens. 'I'll at least double my money' I thought to myself. I listed the lens, and it sold for $190 a couple weeks later. I shipped it to NYC with Priority Mail through eBay, and printed the label. A couple weeks later, I got...