The $1 Investment That Will Make You Thousands of Dollars in Return



‘People let me tell you I work hard every day
I get up out of bed, I put on my clothes
‘Cause I’ve got bills to pay
Now it ain’t easy but I don’t need no help’- Struggle, Aretha Franklin

It’s hard to keep track of all parts of our modern lives. Monthly credit card bills, a full-time job, staying in shape, grocery shopping and cooking, a daily commute, getting enough sleep, having a social life, and the countless other aspects that make up the modern human are enough to make anyone neurotic. 

Thankfully there is one ridiculously cheap tool that will make your life easier and will make you thousands of dollars if used correctly.

I’m talking about the lowly composition book:



I just picked up one at Walmart for 88 cents.



I filled up my last one a week ago, and I’ve felt noticeably more scattered since then. 

Expensive isn’t always better. And this $1 book is proof. Let’s take a look how I use my composition book to think of business ideas that’ve made me thousands of dollars, as well as make my life infinitely more organized. 


Journal = $$


There are hundreds of overpriced courses on the internet claiming to help you make your first $1000 online! 

Some online courses are great. But the humble composition book is just as good in most cases. 

Writing can make you boatloads of money online. And planning your writing will make it even easier to follow through with your ideas. 

Earlier this year I published 25 erotic stories on Kindle. So far, this has netted me about $1500:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 5.15.50 PM.png

Foolishly, I didn’t plan out a lot of these stories, I just had a rough idea in my head about the plot.

But the few that I did plan were by far more profitable and much easier to write because I just followed what I laid out for myself. Writing a few notes of the plot, and breaking your story into 3 or 4 chapters with a few ideas under each heading will make the process ten times easier. 

I think writing down the basic ideas is better than typing them. Our brains process the written word differently, and I’ve found that going through the motions with a pen makes it easier to stay focused and to come up with ideas. 

Organizing Kindle stories is just one way that a cheap journal can make your internet life more profitable. 

I sell on eBay. In fact, last year I was selling full-time on this platform and making over $2000 profit a month. 

All in all I’ve made over $70,000 selling used clothing, video-games, toys and electronics on eBay.

Besides a thermal printer, tape and a scale the other tools that helped make it possible were my iPhone (of course) and the lowly notebook. 

After I took the pictures, I would write down the items and then cross them off as I listed them. This made the process much easier and less intimidating to follow.

When you’re putting hundreds or thousands of things on eBay, it’s important to have a physical list so you don’t lose track. 


Another way I make money online is through Amazon Merch. Over the past couple months I’ve been selling two t-shirts a day and making about $10/ day. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 5.21.05 PM.png

P.S: Stay tuned for a post coming later this week about how I think of profitable design ideas and how to do research. 

Writing down some potential categories, and then using the free Merch Research tool to see if any of them are popular is the simplest and quickest way to brainstorm ideas. Most of your niche ideas will be dead ends, but sooner or later one will catch on and make money. 


The Daily Schedule


I live to get things done. Forcing yourself to be productive is a good way to help ease the pain of depression

But it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters and expend energy on minor things that don’t effect our lives all that much. Checking emails five times a day might feel productive, but it’s usually a waste of time. 

Writing down a daily schedule is a good way to clear away the bullshit and focus on the few things that will actually have an impact on your business or personal life. 

I’ve been creating a daily schedule for years and have evolved my process as I’ve grown and matured. When I was in college I would literally fill a whole page of a composition book with things that I needed to get done. 

Unsurprisingly, my mental health was in shambles and I ended up leaving college because of severe depression and anxiety.

The format of your daily schedule is a good indicator of your mindset. I used to fill each page frantically and would obsess about getting everything done. The funny thing is that even if I did complete everything, I would still feel like shit.

Now I realize that my daily schedule isn’t gospel- Sometimes I over schedule myself and it’s ok if I don’t get everything done.

So how do we know what’s the most important things to accomplish?

A couple months ago I read the book The One Thing. The author is one of the founders of the huge realty firm Keller-Williams.

In the book he talks about the refining question:

‘What’s the one thing that’ll make everything else easier if completed?’

With a slight tweak, we can use this question for internet business:

‘What’s the one thing that’ll have the biggest impact on my profitably online?


This advice is too simple


A lot of people would argue that writing down t-shirt design ideas, brainstorming Kindle stories, and keeping track of things to list on eBay sounds trite and simplistic and is stupid advice. 

And they might be right. 

But most of these people have probably made $0 on the internet with their ideas. 

And the couple thousand dollars I bring in each month from the internet might be acorns compared to some internet marketers and entrepreneurs. But remember, big oak trees come from little acorns. 

So far on my journey I’ve found the modest composition book to be an invaluable tool for organizing my life and making money online. Maybe you’ll have similar results. 

And for less than $1, might as well make the investment. You’ll easily double this with your first $2.99 book sale on Kindle or your first sold item on eBay. 



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