The Best Time to Develop a Website Was Three Years Ago, The Second Best Time is Now

Looking Back


The past three years have been eye-opening. In these 1000 days I left college, started a couple onlines businesses, went to therapy, moved out of my parents house for a year and a half, and am now even re-enrolled back in college. 

I feel like I’ve matured more in these three years then my first 22 years. Maybe it’s because the rug of security was ripped out from underneath me several times.

November of 2016 I left the University of South Carolina. I was completely and utterly broke with less than $100 in my bank account. I was lucky to be able to move back to my parents house and live rent free. Still, leaving college suddenly because of mental health issues and moving back home with no plan or clear path forward was anxiety provoking and depressing.

At this time I already had some experience selling on eBay, so I decided to pick it back up because it was fun, and I could use the extra money. 

Since then I’ve sold over $100,000 dollars worth of used books, clothing, toys and electronics on eBay and Amazon.

eBay Sales


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 6.17.19 PM.png

Amazon Sales


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 6.20.12 PM.png


I’m proud of the strides I’ve made. But, I know I’m still holding myself back in a lot of ways. I’ve been crippled for so long with OCD and depression that I feel like I’m only at about a 4 or 5 out of 10 of my potential. 

This blog has been floundering for a long time, mainly because I talk myself out of working on it, and I don’t have a vision for the future. The most common excuse I come up with is ‘I’ve been blogging on and off for three years and have made no progress. I should have developed a website three years ago..’

This self-defeating thought might be right. It would have been better for me to pour my efforts into this site 3 years ago. But the second best time is now…


Why not just stick with Reselling?


At several points last year I had over 1000 things listed on eBay and was making my full-time income from the site. 

I still loving reselling on eBay. But taking pictures, listing, storing, and shipping each individual item is time consuming. Now I only have about 250 things listed because I’m shifting away from eBay, and I downgraded my store subscription.

In the past I’ve shipped things that weighed over 100 pounds. Now, I’ve changed my eBay business model, so I’m only focusing on things that are small and easy to ship. Bonus points if it’s less than a pound so it can be shipped USPS First Class Package. 

I still have a pile of things in my bedroom I need to list on eBay:



Once I finish listing this stuff I’m going to slow way down with eBay, and instead focus on selling on Amazon.

I mainly sell used books on Amazon. I live in New England, and there’s an abudance of cheap, high quality and profitable books at thrift stores, libraries, Goodwills and book sales.

It’s much easier to scale a business on Amazon then on eBay because Amazon has their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program. This way you just need to find the inventory and then send it to an Amazon warehouse. After that they store all the inventory, ship it out when it sells, collect the payments, and deal with customer returns.

Sure, the fees might be 3 to 5 times higher on Amazon than on eBay, but the time saving aspect is invaluable.

I love reselling. Most of the time, it’s as much a hobby as a business.

But I want to build more digital products. Each physical item can only be sold once. But, each digital product can be sold hundreds or thousands of times.


Writing is the Currency


I think about blogging constantly. But, I haven’t been working on this website all that much. This cognitive dissonance is creating a lot of internal conflict in me. If I want to really hustle and build this website, that’s fine. If I decide blogging isn’t for me right now, that’s fine too. 

What isn’t fine is what I’m currently doing- which is I’m constantly thinking of all the things I could be writing about, but then self-sabotaging myself with excuses like ‘it’s not even worth it’.

This excuse is just a protective mechanism to keep myself from feeling discouraged, or from trying and failing. I guess a more helpful thing to do is to just focus on each task of this blog. When I’m writing, I’ll just write, not think about all the money and followers I want to gain.

For about six months I tried my hand at self-publishing erotica on Kindle. It was a fun experiment, but I found that it became tedious and I started to dread writing each book.

However, Kindle introduced me to the holy grail of internet business- passive income. 

I haven’t published any Kindle stories since the beginning of August, but I’ve still made almost $300 the last three months:


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 6.40.59 PM.png

I’m going to view this blog as just a way to record my journey. It costs me about $400 a year to run this site, so that should be my goal- just recoup the costs for a couple of years and then see how big I can build it (without putting pressure or expectataions on myself). 

If you’ve dealt with depression or anxiety then you know your internal dialogue constantly lies to you. So why should I give my fleeting thoughts and fears so much weight and respect?

I’ve written posts like this a lot, but this is the first I’ve published. Let’s see if I can actually follow up on my goals and desires for the next month and work on developing this site. 

Until next time,

Ben Durst


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