Tools for Selling on eBay and Amazon

Tools to Pack and Ship Faster

Thermal Printer and Labels

I used to spend hours each week packing items, printing postage on a laser-jet printer, and taping on the postage.

A thermal printer uses heat, not ink to print, so you never have to buy expensive ink cartridges. All you need to replace are the labels. And there are 250 labels per roll, so each one lasts a couple months.

Poly-mailers, packing papertape gun and tape, small boxes

Most of what I sell is clothing and other small things. This makes the shipping process much easier because I can use simple poly-mailers for most of my items.

I also sell a lot of eyeglasses and the boxes linked above are perfect for shipping eyeglasses and other small, fragile things. I mainly use clean, white newsprint for packing material.

Buying tape by the individual roll is expensive, so it’s best to buy a tape gun and big lots of tape to last me at least 6 months.


You need to weight your items to get the correct postage. It’s good to a digital scale than measures by .1 Oz intervals, and can weigh things up to 50 pounds.

Clear Ziploc Bags

Before I mail a piece of clothing, I like to stick it in one of these big plastic bags. It helps protect the clothing in the mail and it makes it look more professional. I usually get the 200 pack of 10″ by 13″ bags. This is enough to last me a couple months.

Listing Items


I use my hardwood floor for most of my backdrops, but it’s good to have a mannequin to show higher end pieces of clothing and for things like suits and jackets.



I have 3 of these shelving units. They’re made of sturdy plastic and can hold over 200 pounds per shelf. Also they’re tall enough for bins of clothing to fit into them. They’re really easy to set up too.

Tools for selling with Amazon FBA

Scotty Peelers and Goo Gone

If you get into reselling on Amazon FBA than you’re going to need to peel off the price tags from thrift stores and Goodwills. Using your fingernails takes forever, so it’s good to invest in a couple scotty peelers to get the stickers off, and some Goo Gone to get the sticky remains off.

Wireless Barcode Reader

Unless you want to type everything manually, you need to be able to scan your books, toys, and other products into the Amazon database.

External Battery Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of scanning books, or looking stuff up on eBay