Top 5 Easiest Things to Sell on eBay (Part 1- Clothing)


You may be lost when you think about what to sell on ebay. If that’s the case, then be sure to check out my post about how to get started selling without spending any money. This 5 part series is going to be about the top 5 easiest things (the most common and fastest selling things) to sell on eBay. Maybe you’ve sold things around your house and now want to go to thrift stores to find more things to sell. Or maybe you’ve heard that you can make a lot of money by going to yard sales and you want to break into the market. Either way, as you read this post and series you will build your well of knowledge about profitable items. By reading each post of this five series your knowledge will go up a factor of 5, and so will your earning potential!

#1: Clothing

Clothing is the best thing to sell on ebay. I run my business almost exclusively from my bedroom and because of the limited space I need to sell something that has high margins, can be stored without taking up a lot of space, that is plentiful and easy to find, that is efficient to ship, and that has a low cost. Clothing fits all of these criteria. I live in southern New England and am surrounded by high quality, profitable used clothing. There are several thrift stores near me that sell shirts for as low as $2-3 (Goodwill near me charge $3 for a short sleeve shirt) and they constantly get new merchandise to sell.

I store my clothing in bins

I have a bin system for storage in my apartment. I have 1000 things listed and stored in my bedroom, most of which is clothing, and I still have a lot of space in my bedroom. Also my shipping system is very efficient so shipping only takes me a couple of hours a week even though I sell such a large amount of things.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.54.39 PM.png
Even with 1000 pieces of clothing listed I have lots of space in my bedroom

Clothing is also great because you already own some that you can sell. As long as the piece of clothing is a desired brand, and is clean with no major stains or flaws, then it has a chance to sell on eBay. As a male in his late 20’s my collection of clothing is fairly minimal- I own about 10 different shirts, a couple pairs of pants and shorts, underwear and socks, and a couple of jackets. I also have on pair of shoes and one pair of boots.

Although I don’t own much clothing I regularly sell some that I own. I’m constantly in Goodwill and if I get a couple of new t shirts or a pair of jeans for myself then I’ll sell a few of my older pieces of clothing in my dresser. I’ve sold some of my used pairs of Levis for $20+ and some of my brother’s used button downs for around $18. If I didn’t sell clothing on ebay then I would have either thrown out or donated these old jeans and shirts. I’ve made a few hundred dollars over the past couple of years simply by selling old shoes, jeans, shirts, and jackets that my family and I no longer wore.

Ok so we’ve laid down the reasons why clothing is the best thing to sell on ebay. It’s cheap, plentiful, easy to store and ship, and has good margins. But there are probably dozens of questions floating through your mind: what types of brands should you sell? How do you know if you have something valuable? What if a piece of clothing has some stains or holes? I’ll address all of these questions and more in the rest of the post, so be sure to read carefully.

In the previous article we talked about how to research past sold listings to find out a good selling price (it’s really easy to do and very important). The process with clothing is no different. Simply type in the description of the clothing in the search bar (include the brand, size, and a few keywords to get accurate results) and then click on Sold Listings in the bottom left corner.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.54.52 PM

Ok now onto brands. Which brands are profitable?!


I sell almost exclusively men’s clothing since I don’t know much about women’s clothing. I keep my eyes open for a lot of different brands like Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Marmot, Peter Millar, Spyder, True Grit, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Nike (mostly air jordan stuff, retro stuff, and nicer jackets), high end desingers (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes), Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. Most of these brands are very common, and profitable. I’ve sold different pieces of clothing from the brands listed and I typically get 5 to 10x my initial investment.

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than finding a cool vintage sweater at a thrift store and then see a huge stain on the front. Sometimes you will find clothing that you would normally buy, but it has a big stain or hole. Should you still buy it? It depends on a lot of things- where the hole or stain is located and how big it is, if the shirt/ pant is overall nice or a rag, and the specific brand. A couple of months ago I found a Gucci tie and a Louis Vuitton tie in the same Goodwill! I bought both ties and then inspected them in my apartment- the Louis Vuitton tie had a couple inch long coffee stains on the front, and the Gucci tie had a nick on the solid red silk.. The Gucci tie still sold for $55 and the L.V. tie still sold for $65!


Clothing is my favorite thing to sell on ebay and one of the most profitable markets on the site. Clothing is cheap, easy to find, super simple to ship, and can be stored without much space. 


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