What Sold on eBay This Week?

Recently I’ve been focusing on building my Kindle income so I’ve been focusing less on my eBay and Amazon businesses.

But, to my delight, this week on eBay was one of the most profitable in a long time. I’ve only listed a couple things the last few weeks, but sold almost 20 things this week.

That’s the nice thing about having a reselling business on eBay- you can just list stuff once, set it as Good Until Cancelled, and then leave it until it sells (assuming it’s a good, desirable item).

Here are 3 of the most profitable, and 3 of the least profitable things that’ve sold this week.

3 Most Expensive Sales

 1. Sale= $109


I found this shirt a couple months ago. Someone messaged me this week and offered me $109 for it. I could’ve gotten the full price if I didn’t accept and waited, but I didn’t know how much longer this would have sat until it sold, and I wanted the money now.

Profit= $87

  • Cost= I paid the standard $4 at Goodwill for this short sleeve shirt.
  • Shipping cost= ~$4
  • Fees= ~$11 (eBay) and ~$3 (Paypal)
  • Profit= $109-$4-$4-$3-$11= $87

2. Sale= $40

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.00.35 PM

A similar thing happened with this item, as the shirt above. A woman messaged me saying that she wanted this vocabulary tower to donate to a poor school, but could only pay $45 max:

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.35.20 PM.png
A copy of her message

She has over 500 positive feedback, so I trusted that she’s an honest person. And her story hit a cord, so I dropped the price to $40 for her. Then she left me this note:

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.00.48 PM
Her response

Hopefully she wasn’t just using the poor school as a way to get this for half price..


  • Cost= I paid $4 for this thing at a local thrift store
  • Shipping Cost= I mailed this thing media mail for ~$5 (hopefully it doesn’t get inspected)
  • Fees= $4 (eBay) and $1.5 (Paypal)
  • Profit= $40-$4-$5-$4-1.5= $35.5 

3. Sale= $31.99



  • Cost= I paid the standard $3 for each tie at Goodwill, so $6
  • Shipping Cost= ~$3.5
  • Fees= $3.25 (eBay) and ~$1.25 (Paypal)
  • Profit= $32-$6-$3.5-$3.25-$1.25= $18

3 Cheapest Sales

1. Sale= $17.30

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.09.08 PM.png


  • Cost= $4 Half-price at a Goodwill
  • Shipping Cost=$5 I stuck them in a polymailer and shipped them First Class
  • Fees=~$1.7 (eBay) and ~$.5 (Paypal)
  • Profit=$17.3-$4-$4-$1.7-.5= $6.1

2. Sale= $13.48

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.08.52 PM


  • Cost= I got this at a thrift store for $1
  • Shipping Cost= ~$4.5
  • Fees= $1.4 (eBay) and $.75 (PayPal)
  • Profit= $13.48-$1-$4.5-$1.4-$.75= $5.83

3. Sale= $11.99

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.08.31 PM


  • Cost= This was half-price at a Goodwill for $1.5
  • Shipping= ~$3
  • Fees= ~$1.2 (eBay) and ~$.5 (Paypal)
  • Profit= $11.99-$1.5-$3-$1.2-$.5=~$5.8

A lot of people may question if it’s even worth their time to sell things this inexpensive.

For reference, this tie took me a couple minutes to photograph, list, pack and ship. And it made me more than $5 profit.

Remember, these small $5 sales add up, so don’t be discouraged.


There you have it. These are 6 of the 17 things that I sold this week.

As you can see, used clothing is still a highly profitable to sell. If you don’t know how to get started selling clothing, then see this post.

And, if you’ve never sold anything then see this article for the cheapest and easiest way to get started flipping things on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

Big changes are coming to my eBay business, and I’ll be publishing a lot of money making content in the coming weeks. Check back tomorrow for another post!


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