What Website Should I use to Sell Online?

What site should I use to sell?

Selling things around your house is the best way to get started in online business. Your closets are probably stuffed full of clothing, and you might have old electronics in your basement.

Decluttering is good for peace of mind, and you’ll also make money in the process- how much depends on how much you’re willing to sell.

One of the main reason why people don’t sell online is they don’t know which sites to use, or how to use them.

There are dozens and dozens of potential sites that you can sell things on. A couple years ago I found a few new toner cartridges in a dumpster. I’ve sold a lot of printer ink in the past, and I knew these toner cartridges could be worth a lot of money.

But, things can take a while to sell on eBay, and I wanted a faster profit, so I started looking for alternatives. I ended up selling the toner to selltoner.com.

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I recently got this email

I’ve only used that site once, but the point of the story is to show that there are hunderds of different websites you can use.

The big 3 websites that I focus on are eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.


Craigslist was the first site that I used to make money on. I sold a guy a new office chair that someone had given me for $80.

There are a few reasons why Craigslist is a good site to use to sell:

  1. It’s free to use, anonymous, and you don’t need to make an account
  2. You deal all with cash
  3. You can sell anything from concert tickets, to shoes, to vehicles, to medical equipment
  4. It only takes a few minutes to post something

Sometimes Craigslist gets a bad rap because of their Personals Section (now closed), and also because of a few stalkers and murders using the site in the past.

But it’s easy to be safe on Craigslist. Meet the person in a public place, take only enough cash you need, and lock your car when you get out.

Sometimes people have come directly to my parents house to buy things like bigger appliances- so having people come directly to your house is good too if you’re comfortable with it.

As profitable as Craigslist can be, there’s also a lot of scammers on it (on eBay, scammers are rare). You get to use an anonymous-encrypted email, but people will still use it to send spam. So don’t click links through emails and always be skeptical.

The Craigslist Post button is in the top right corner of the website.


eBay is the best site to sell things like clothing, video game consoles, old toys, eyeglasses, designer things, and antiques.

You get 50 free listings each month, and you only have to pay fees if you’re item sells. Also you can run your whole business (besides printing the label) from your phone. I take the pictures, answer questions, and list everything right from my iPhone.

But things can take a while to sell on eBay and that means you need to stay semi organized with your inventory. I like to organize hundreds of pieces of clothing, but not everyone does.

My brother gave me some of his clothing to sell recently:


Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world. And the great thing about selling on Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is that Amazon holds your inventory, ships it out when it sells, and deals with returns.

Also when you sell FBA your items are all eligible for Amazon Prime- this has a huge effect because people automatically trust your items.

As profitable as Amazon can be, it can be a finicky system to learn. A lot of categories are ‘gated’ so you need to request permission to sell in some categories. Some gated categories like Health and Beauty are easy to get ungated for. But most big, gated categories like DVDs and CDs are almost impossible to get permission to sell in.

Even though it takes a while to figure out how to use the FBA system, and a lot of big categories are gated like clothing, DVDs, and Cds, Amazon is still the best place to sell new and used books, new electronics, video games, and new toys (you can’t sell used toys on the site).

A recent book shipment to Amazon

Selling video game consoles and used electronics on Amazon can also be profitable, but make sure to test everything before sending it in!

It’s absolutely free to make an individual Amazon seller account (it’s good to upgrade if you’re going to sell a lot). Then you can download the free Amazon Seller App and use their barcode feature to scan barcodes of things like books and new toys. The app tells you how popular, and how much the thing is selling for on Amazon.

Are smaller sites worth using?

Like we talked about above, there are dozens and dozens of other sites you can use to sell online.

You’ve probably heard of different ones like ike Etsy, Poshmark and Mercari (for clothing) and a lot more.

But you’ll get the most potential buyers with the biggest range of things by focusing on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist- Etsy has 54 million users, while eBay has 175 million, more than 3x as many.

Are apps worth using?

Apps like Letgo, and Offer-up are other popular platforms to sell things. I find using them to find inventory is a better option than using them to sell things.

You can find great things to resell on these apps like lots of video games, clothing and sporting goods because people are trying to get rid of things.

I’ve used these apps a few times to sell video game consoles and electronics. But I don’t think their worth it. You’ll get a lot of lowball offers, and most people flake on  buying the thing from you.

You also need to remember to take your crossposted items down from these apps if your item sells on eBay.


Check back tomorrow for another post. And keep your eyes open for a new guide that I’m releasing in the next week.

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